Steam Boilers

Steam Boiler Water Testing from North West England down to the Midlands

Aqua Services (UK) carries out essential work on steam boilers. Using scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and polymers, we can help maintain your steam boiler plant, preventing the need for expensive repairs such as boiler tube replacement. We manufacture all water treatment chemicals in-house to ISO 9001 (2008) standards.

We Supply Steam Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Including:

  • AS22 multi-function sulphite treatment with alkalinity builder
  • AS25 phosphate/polymer additive to prevent scale
  • AS28 alkalinity builder for the control of pH in steam boilers
  • AS47 tannin based formulation for prevention of scale and corrosion in steam boilers and locos
  • AS66 boiler water treatment
  • AS69 catalysed sodium bi-sulphite solution and powerful oxygen scavenger
  • AS11 standard blend of corrosion inhibitors for low pressure closed circuit heating systems
  • AS72 neutralizing amine for steam boiler condensate returns
  • Granular or tablet salt supplied in 25kg bags for industrial water softeners

Water Treatment Experts

We provide top quality chemical dosing equipment including pumps and tanks from 50 to 2000 litre capacity. Our complete water treatment programmes are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Aqua Services (UK) is a member of the LCA (Legionella Control Association), and water testing is performed by UKAS accredited labs. All work is carried out to BS2486 quality standards, so count on us for reliable and professional water treatment services.

Our water testing and treatment services cover a wide range of systems. For cooling tower water treatment and water chlorination services, look no further than Aqua Services (UK).

After Sales Care & Support

Our after-sales service includes monthly steam boiler visits to deliver chemicals and test the water.

Our field service engineers can carry out monthly site visits, using portable test equipment to analyse your water system.